金卫东:《We come here for success》

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Your Excellency Consul General Gu Jingqi, 

Respected Business Council Chen Yingyuan, 

Respected Chairman Huang, 

all shareholders of Sekar group, 

fellow partners, 

Good morning!

It’s my great pleasure to come to the beautiful Indonesia and start a new business venture with our partner Sekar group, an ethnic Chinese enterprise with the same root as us.

During the national revival process, China has realized rapid economic growth and international influence over the past three decades, and turned into an economic player, an economic power. The remarkable economic strength will certainly promote China breaking its own boundaries, seeking opportunities, obtaining resources and exploring new markets worldwide.

Wellhope is one of the leading agriculture company operating our  business in mainland China for more than 20 years. We are one of the outstanding player in animal feed, aquatic feed, poultry processing and integrated animal rearing and processing business in China. 

Past experiences told us that "The farther away from home, the nearer the failure", so finding a right partner is very crucial to success. We come here today, and we are convinced that we’ve found the most like-minded partner--Sekar group. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Sekar group has built a successful business empire in several decades, and the success you have achieved shows us the respectable characters in your blood--honesty and hard work, team spirit, sharp market insight and strong ability to seize business opportunities.  

We come here for success, but we know the road to success won't be smooth. While the term "joint venture" means joining together, running the venture, taking the risk, no matter what happens, we will face any of the challenge in joint efforts.

Iwi, as a young manager, has exhibited comprehensive knowledge reserve, business acumen and ability, I believe he will lead our joint venture to a bright future, and Wellhope will also appoint professional management team and staff, assist Iwi to promote our new business.

As the saying goes "Blood is thicker than water", same-rooted friendships will last forever.  I think we are very fortunate to find a partner with the same ancestry to start new business in Indonesia together. We are lucky and happy, and we will live up to this golden opportunity for sure. Finally, I wish our joint venture reaching operating objectives, creating wealth for all shareholders, for customers and for the society.










大家为成功而来,但是大家知道成功之途不会一帆风顺。合资经营“joint venture的字义本身就包含着携手同行、共冒风险、共担危机的意义。从今开始大家将并肩面对任何挑战。



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