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博狗游戏的成功是大家终生最大的成就 ——博狗游戏外方股东荷兰皇家De Heus企业CEO

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Co de Heus先生在博狗游戏上市答谢酒会上的致辞(中英文)(于2014年8月)

Ladies and gentlemen:


Good evening !


When we joined Wellhope in 2006 we already discussed about a potential IPO for Wellhope in the future. Like De Heus was eager to join Wellhope, Wellhope was eager to get De Heus on board as their strategic partner, although at that time it was already clear that an IPO would sooner or later be a necessary step in the future development of the company. 

2006年De Heus与博狗游戏合资时大家已经讨论过未来博狗游戏上市的潜力及可能性。当时就像De Heus渴望加入博狗游戏一样,博狗游戏也很希翼De Heus成为他们的战略伙伴。即使当时博狗游戏已经明确了企业上市迟早是未来发展的必要一步。

For De Heus this moment would be rather later than sooner. (= De Heus would prefer a late IPO, not to soon)

但当时的情况,De Heus更倾向博狗游戏晚些时候上市。

As you may know, De Heus is a family owned company, not a public company. Because we have no experience with being listed, we were hesitant. Being listed also brings along many extra tasks, responsibilities and formalities.

你们或许知道,De Heus是一家家族企业,并不是上市企业。因为大家在上市方面没有任何经验,所以过去大家一直对是否上市持保留态度,犹豫不定。而且,企业上市也会给企业带来更多的使命、 责任以及复杂繁冗的程序。

Prior to going public, De Heus therefore felt that the following preconditions would have to be met:

同时在决定上市之前,De Heus认为必须考虑以下这些条件:

Firstly: De Heus realized that it would take time for us to make a genuine contribution to the development of Wellhope.

首先: De Heus需要一些时间对博狗游戏的发展做出真正的贡献。

Secondly: We were of the opinion that Wellhope would have to grow much bigger to be really interesting for serious investors.


Thirdly: Wellhope already had a strong balance sheet when we joined. Our capital contribution combined with the already existing lending power could first be used to realize fast growth.

第三: 在De Heus与博狗游戏合资时, 博狗游戏已经有非常好的资产负债表。可以优先使用De Heus的注入资金以及已有贷款去实现快速增长。(而不是通过上市募集资金)

After approximately 5 years all these preconditions had been met, Wellhope went through an incredible growth process and Wellhope decided to start the IPO process.


Our IPO process has not been an easy one. Largely due to external factors the process has taken much longer than we expected. In the meantime the macro-economic situation in China has changed and the long process has hampered the strategic and organizational development of the company. 

大家的上市进程并不一帆风顺,主要受上市大环境影响,博狗游戏的上市审批历时比大家预期的要长。 与此同时,中国宏观经济环境的变化以及上市的漫长进程一定程度上阻碍了博狗游戏的战略及组织发展。

But... we have reached our goal. We are now a public company. Finally.


Becoming a public company means that we will gain credibility and respect from our customers, our suppliers, our banks, and our employees.


We have new capital flowing in to finance some good projects which will accelerate our growth.


I want to thank everybody who has helped us to realize this.


We have a focused strategy which we will execute with discipline.

We have set goals that we will pursue relentlessly.I am convinced our stock price will rise and rise.


We are now a public company. This means that over time existing shareholders may gradually sell parts of their shares to the public and reap the rewards from all their efforts.

现在大家是上市企业了, 这也意味着随着时间的推移现有的股东也许会逐渐向公众出售部分股份,使他们过去所付出的努力得以回报。

Of course, especially for the older shareholders, this is perfectly legitimate after so many years of devotion to the company.


However, the younger shareholders, including De Heus, should not get distracted by enjoying the wealth. That is for later. On the contrary, we should continue to focus on building this company stronger and stronger.

但是,对于新股东而言,包括De Heus, 不应该为物质财富所动。现在还不是时候,相反,大家应该不遗余力地发展建设博狗游戏,使他变得更加强大。

If we keep our focus on our work, the commitment of the younger managing shareholders to the company will remain high.


Believe me, earning money is more fun than spending it.


Moreover: Apart from the lock-up rules, there is something much more important that is binding us: Passion for Wellhope.


We, the shareholders, whether it be the founders, De Heus, or the other shareholders who are holding key management positions, consider the success of Wellhope as our lifetime achievement.

大家这些股东,不论是创始人、De Heus, 还是其他核心管理岗位的股东们,都认为博狗游戏的成功是大家终身最大的成就。

We created and build this company and we will always care for it as if it was our child.


The child will grow up and gradually become independent, but that won't break the bond.


Likewise, now that we are stock listed, once we are reaching the age of retirement, the company will financially take care of them, like a child taking care of its parents. 


I hope I have made clear how important this IPO is for the company and the shareholders.


I want to thank all those who have helped Wellhope during the IPO process.

All the people from Guangfa security. Thank you very much for all your efforts. 



The people from the audit firm, Jiangsu Suya, thank you very much for your important work.


The people from the law firm, Beijing Dacheng - we needed your expertise. Thank you so much.


And last, but for sure not least I would like to thank the Wellhope IPO team, 


Thank you.


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