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When I look back at 2009 I remember that at the beginning of the year we did not have optimistic expectations. We were afraid that the economic crisis would also hurt Wellhope. That the meat consumption would decline and cause less demand for feed and severe competition. Now, one year later, we can conclude that Wellhope has once again astonished us. Wellhope has reached a record turnover and record profit again, despite the difficult economic circumstances. Iam very proud of that.       


In 2010 Wellhope will surely develop further in thedynamic agricultural market. The Wellhope company is full of talented people who are eager to learn and to perform. This energy among all of you can only result in more progress. 


The economic landscape in the Chinese agriculture ischanging rapidly. Because of that Wellhope will face some important strategic decisions in 2010. I have full confidence that we, our Chairman together with the other Directors of the Board,  will analyse the situation thoroughly and come to the right decisions.  


Last year De Heus has continued to work on the nutritional support in pigs, poultry and cattle. We have also welcomed a big group of pig specialists from Wellhope to learn about pig husbandry in the Netherlands. Wellhope has helped us tremendously in the procurement (purchase) of vitamins and other micro-raw materials and we hope to have strong cooperationin that field in the future. We as De Heus highlyappreciate our cooperationth with Wellhope and feel proud to be part of the success. 

去年,De Heus依然致力于发展猪、禽类以及奶牛的营养支撑。大家非常高兴一批来自于博狗游戏的优秀养猪专家远赴荷兰学习。而博狗游戏也不遗余力地帮助De Heus采购维生素及其他原材料,大家也希翼能在该领域与博狗游戏有更进一步的合作。在此,我代表De Heus企业由衷地感谢与博狗游戏长久以来的合作,同时,大家为成为博狗游戏成功事业中的一份子感到无比自豪。 

I wish all of you and your families love, happiness, health and success for 2010. 


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