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When I first was approached by De Heus to represent them in China by a company called Wellhope, I straight away start searching on internet for more information. I just knew that they were in Shenyang and one of the bigger ones in North East China.

They had an own website! That was good. They had even an English website. That was even better! I read a lot of positive things: “young people”, “fastest growing”, “most famous brand in China”, “goal to become top feed supplier in the world” etc. Impressive, but everybody can write this. I was still a bit sceptical after 8 years in China. So I asked my friends in the business, and without a single exception they confirmed what was on the Wellhope website. Their reactions varied from “excellent company”, and “they have got vision”, I believe in them”, to “dangerous for CP”.  Whow, that is promising, and I’m going to be part of it. I got exited, but had to wait until the official signing at 20 October last year. Just before that day I met the first time with Wellhope. During VIV in Beijing I met Dr. Shao and Chairman Jin. In the short time I spoke to them they deeply impressed me and confirmed all information I had collected before.

My first trip to Shenyang was during the signing ceremony at 20 October. A lot of new faces, and a lot of good experiences. A beautiful new office, brand new feed mills, and last but not least the overwhelming party. This would be absolutely unthinkable in Holland.

After that I went in November 3 weeks with a few persons of Wellhope to The Netherlands and learned to know them in person. I started to feel at home with Wellhope.

Finally in December we moved to Beijing and I got a desk in the office there. From that moment I felt like a real member of the Wellhope family, talking together, eating together and of course working together.

Although last year it was not easy in the feed industry in China, Wellhope was still able to grow, as most of our competitors had lots of difficulties to maintain their positive numbers and secure their market shares. This says something about the attitude of Wellhope, market strategies and quality of the feed. 

China is in a stage of development of animal husbandry and feed industry similar as that  what took place some 10-20 years ago in The Netherlands. Therefore it is a very wise decision to share the knowledge of how we experienced this change and to take advantage to be one step ahead of our friends in the same business. I’m sure we can together handle this change much easier and give our customers not only good feed but also good service and advice about more than only feed.

According “Feed International” the combination Wellhope-De Heus is already in the top 15 of biggest feed producers in the world. And when we can reach the targets for this year we will pass to the top 10 of ’s world biggest feed companies. I’m very proud to be one of the persons to strive for this goal.

Together with the Wellhope  De Heus family up to top 10 in the world! 

[译文]博狗游戏是De Heus企业在中国的合作伙伴,我仅仅知道它创立于沈阳,是中国东北大型饲料企业集团之一,因此在当刚刚得知将受De Heus企业委派,担任其驻博狗游戏的代表时,我上网查找了博狗游戏企业的详细资料。 






中国的畜牧饲料业正处于快速发展时期,这与10年、20年前的荷兰畜牧业情况比较相似。因此博狗游戏集团决定与De Heus企业合资是非常英明的决策,它能为博狗游戏带来De Heus企业的技术和经验,并将其转化成优势进而超越竞争对手。我很肯定,通过共同努力,大家一定会顺利适应合资所带来的变化,不仅为客户提供优质的产品,更为他们带来全面的技术服务和解决问题的方案。 

根据《国际饲料》所载的行业信息,大家可以得出结论,博狗游戏与De Heus企业联合而成的合资企业已名列世界15大饲料供应商之一,如果今年大家能达成既定目标,大家将成为世界前10名的饲料供应商。我非常骄傲能成为这一目标的奋斗者之一。 

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